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Nov 14, 2012 5:30pm PST
obama really won. >>> made in america. would a big corporate giant like sears take your idea and have it made in china? this small town inventor says yes and tries to take them on. >>> and fakeout. what is he doing? was he really pushed? how about him? the crackdown tonight. >>> good evening. we begin with the president. eight days after his re-election energized and diving straight into the headlines. at his first press conference today, he talked about the scandal that took down the head of the cia, the looming fiscal crisis that could raise taxes for everyone on january 1st and then, he came out swinging in defense of one member of his team. and abc's jonathan karl was right there in that room asking questions. jon? >> reporter: diane, this was a confident president today, eager to lay out his agenda for the coming months, but first, he had to face questions on that scandal that has shaken his national security team. in his first comments on the sex scandal that brought down his cia director, the president said petraeus failed to meet his own standards, but he also praised him. >>
Nov 15, 2012 9:00pm CST
! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. whatever it takes, get to sears super saturday with friday preview! with 60% off sweaters for the family. this led tvfor just $119.99. and this craftsman impact wrench, for $89.99. this is how to gift. this is sears. congress looking into the deadly attacks in libya lawmakers on intelligence committee's got a comprehensive briefing today behind closed doors it shows the ambassador being dragged out of a building and lawmakers opened public hearings to washington lawmakers spend thursday pressing for answers on how u.s. ambassador in three other americans were killed during the september 11th the tax in bed gauzy capitol hill became home to multiple hearings on the tense investigation including funding for security at the consulate. i listened to my colleagues to talk about president barack obama and others in the administration using terms of deliberate lies but you want to know who is responsible in this path by yourself a mirror. david petra resignedeus last week admitted to an extramarital affair, more recently t
Nov 24, 2012 4:00am PST
for a 50-inch tv. in san antonio, officials say a man tried to punch his way into this sears, prompting another man to pull a gun. police departments handed out shopping safety tips in malls. >> in l.a., we've had a stronger presence. so, people can be out there and enjoy the day. >> reporter: many shoppers got just what they came for and had fun doing it. >> it's been crazy. the deals are great. the lines are long. but it's definitely worth being out here. >> it's fun to me to come out with everybody and just grab things that you can't really afford. i have fun doing it. >> reporter: it looks like consumers are willing to spend more this year. 17% of shoppers spent more than $700. up from just 10% of shoppers last year. and nearly 67% of shoppers went out early for those thanksgiving night deals, instead of waiting until black friday. the national retail federation is predicting a booming holiday. $586 billion in sales, up 4% from last year. now, retailers haven't released their official black friday profits just yet. but the good news for shoppers, if you haven't been out to the store
Nov 11, 2012 9:00pm CST
... 30 24 11 14 23 break whatever it takes, get to sears veteran's day sale. get 50% off coats for the family. this 39 inch lcd tv for $279.99. and up to 50% off all mechanics tool sets. this is how to gift. this is sears. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. a mess out there... >>58 mph wind gusts today tonight... cold front... drop in temps... clouds increase... rain continues to fall... may become snow... no accumulation... high today 70 degrees.. buildin you usually see them sitting at the anchor desk or reporting from the scene of breaking news. but last night, some chicago journalists got an opportunity to show off a different kind of talent. (singing) wgn's own dina bair, steve sanders and dan ponce were among the chicago tv and radio personalities taking the stage at the park west for
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >> others like sears, walmart and target will open thursday evening. some will follow up black friday with saturday door buster sales. >> first, it was walmart and target. now seer -- sears it upping the ante. sears is planning to release their holiday deals this sunday. that's five days before the competition. in this case the earliest deals will only be available for sears shop your way members. >> here's my favorite story coming up on thanksgiving. how many will be out there. here comes aaa. it may have you rethinking your plans. aaa says 43.6 million people will be out there. what did they say last year? >> i don't know. >> i think it was like 43.6 million again. average spending is expected to drop $56 but that isn't true for people making last-minute plans. >> if you haven't booked your holiday travel, for thanksgiving weekend you may be out of luck with just a week until the holidays. those few seats that are left are certainly going to be at a premium. >> it's ghopg to be crowd -- going to be crowded. one thing that hasn't changed, the day before thanksgiving and the sunday an
Nov 25, 2012 7:30pm EST
for sears holding and dana telsey, from the tellcy advisory group. good to have you here. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> in the middle of the first holiday shopping season, the weekend after thanksgiving both sears and kmart were open on thanksgiving itself. how did it go? >> we were very pleased with the response we saw from our members and customers. there's certainly a trend that we see in consumer and members of wanting with flexibility whether that is the ability to buy on line and pick up in the store and buy black friday deals on sunday and pick them up or have the flexibility of having their thanksgiving meal and shop at a sears or kmart. the trend consumers wanting flexibility and wanting to buy the way they want is very strong. >> so you did see people come out on thanksgiving night to spend money there. there was a big debate. should we not open on thanksgiving. a lot of people felt they wanted to save thanksgiving and not want the stores open but you feel it was a success. >> the traffic was solid. we will have to look at the whole holiday to see how our memb
Nov 21, 2012 4:00am PST
? alright then, let's do this thing! this is no ordinary thanksgiving. sears black friday doorbusters start 8pm thursday, going all night with more doorbusters 4am friday. this is sears. wan and retire with more? at e-trade, our free online tools and retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan and execute it with a wide range of low cost investments. get a great plan and low cost investments at e-trade. . she changed her dress three times, but all you notice is her beautiful, healthy skin. jergens ultra healing moisturizer makes even your driest skin look healthier, instantly. with beautiful skin from jergens, you'll always make an entrance. jergens®. the beautiful difference. >>> now, for a look at morning road conditions. wet highways around seattle, portland, san francisco, and boise. snow-covered mountain passes in the northwest. slick roads along the eastern coast of florida. and thick, morning fog could hamper visibility in the upper midwest. >> if you're flying today, airport delays are possible in san francisco, seattle, chicago and detroit. >>> what is the end of
Nov 23, 2012 9:00am EST
to the chief merchandise officer at sears later in the program. interesting to see given how poor the report was there. >> don't we have the former ceo of jcpenney on also. one of the best department store executives ever. jcpenney started its slide after he stepped down. can't wait to hear what he thinks about ron johnson and he says jcpenney stores were dark in the malls. a great interview. >> it will be especially critical holiday shopping season for best buy. the struggling electronics retailers posted weak third quarter sales. let's go to jane at a best buy in california with a look at black friday traffic there. how is it shaping up? >> i cracked the code. don't come here at midnight. come here at 6:00 a.m. cindy, when did you first get here? >> midnight. >> what did you do? >> leave. >> why. >> because the lines were crazy. i saw your news truck and there was no way i was going to get in and get what i wanted. >> people were waiting two hours in line. sometimes more. how long did you wait in line? >> not at all. >> there's only 20 people. >> nothing. >> but what i wanted is gone. >> t
FOX Business
Nov 23, 2012 12:00pm EST
much of that will be spent at sears and kmart? joining us is seeress's president. welcome. you and i know each other from your days at brooke stone. you went into bork's don't. it was a turnaround story. you made that turnaround and you have taken on another turnaround story. tower you feeling? >> feeling good about it. we are making tremendous progress with members and members of programs and the rewards program and making improvements in product category and we just launched outdoor life which was ahead for us. we are making improvements in the customer experience and the members are going to vote with their wallets. cheryl: you took on a tough story especially at sears, domestic sales and same store sales which everyone looks at down 3%. you have to try to get the number positive. is a demographic? cheaper prices? what can you do to turn things around? >> people are shopping differently. if you think of this holiday season that is a good example. if you look at q3 results there are some tough businesses. consumer electronics really tough, consumer electronics, consumer brands up f
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> so i called sears and i said this, i wish you'd said something. i might not have bought this machine. >> richard says sometimes it handles small loads fine, other times, it stops, he just wished he'd known. >> he so i called 7 on your side. >> we contacted sears. the company explained what happens with a front loaded washer. it said with small loads clothes tend to clump to one side, and may cause the drum to bang against the cabinet in the spin cycle. the machine designed to resers the spin. and you get an error mess yanl. the solution? ken more says add more clothes. richard is showing us what happened. it shakes, slows down, this time, the machine does complete the load. still, sears wanted richard to be happy. >> he said come down pick out a new machine. >> sears let richard swap his machine with a special setting for small loads. >> i'm thrilled. >> so far richard says it has done shawl loads without a problem. it's not just kenmore other front loaders can be sensitive so wash items of similar weight as well as similar color in the same load. boy like to thank sears. >> that is
Nov 19, 2012 4:30pm PST
? erika miller reports. >> reporter: for the first time, sears will join a slew of other retail chains in opening stores on thanksgiving day. so you may wonder if the holiday will soon be nicknamed black thursday. like other stores, sears will be offering its best deals of the year. >> we have a 32" tv for $97. i've never ever heard of a 32" tv going for $97. >> reporter: sears, walmart and toys r us will open their doors at 8 pm. target opens an hour later. macy's, kohls and best will wait until midnight. kmart's opening is the earliest: 6 am. the stores say they're simply meeting the needs of their customers. >> think about thanksgiving. and right after you have thanksgiving dinner, you are with the whole family. you could just come with the whole family and shop. sears is a family store. >> reporter: but not everyone is happy about the early openings. at, there are petitions fighting the trend-- some with hundreds of thousands of signatures. they argue oping on thursday is not necessary, because it simply steals business from other days. retail expert brian sozzi disagree
Nov 9, 2012 4:00am EST
this is savings out of this world. this is sears. will: [ inner voice ] the only place i can afford. i'm so glad you're home. yeah. will: [ inner voice ] if i was smart enough to pounce on the daily double for just a buck 99 on the mcdonald's extra value menu i can handle this. i got this great loft space. ooo, very cool. i got this great loft space. >>> you guys -- i'm proud of all of you. [ applause ] >> an emotional president obama wiped away tears as he thanked his campaign staff and volunteers at his chicago headquarters wednesday one day after winning re-election. mr. obama also said their efforts show how they will do amazing things with their lives. >>> america's most elite members are being reprimand. the military said members of navy s.e.a.l. team 6 released classified information while helping to make a video game. david martin reports. >> reporter: the seven members of s.e.a.l. team 6 are all still on active duty. one of them was on the raid which killed osama bin laden and made navy s.e.a.l. team 6 a household team. they worked on this video game," medal of honor war fighter." sever
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
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Nov 1, 2012 10:00pm PDT
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Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
we left. >> stephanie: led one man to pull out a handgun at a sears in san antonio, texas. >> there are no handguns at sears. >> stephanie: sent crowd looking for shelter. just a warning. no shots fired. massachusetts man left his girlfriend's 2-year-old son in the car while shopping at a kmart and then went home with a new 51 inch television but no child. later found sleeping in the car in the kmart parking lot at 1:30 in the -- not sure how he got home. >> he stole someone's car to get the tv home? >> stephanie: i don't know. the original car was in the kmart parking lot with the 2-year-old. >> he was in a different car with the tv. he jacked somebody's car to take his new tv home. >> he left his car and the kid -- >> stephanie: but it was cluttered up with a toddler. >> hey it's black friday. >> stephanie: a line cutter gets arrested at walmart in altamonte springs florida. when officers attempted to usher her out of the store she began screaming and throwing merchandise. >> as you would want to d
Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
continues to show signs of a turnaround posting earnings at top estimates and raising guidance. sears holdings slumps on its earnings miss. wi at 10:15 eastern, president obama will host senate and house leaders to discuss ways to solve the fiscal cliff. sources telling t"the wall stret journa journal", white house are in advance internal discussions to replace sweeping spending cuts set to begin in january with a smaller separate package of targeted spending cuts and tax increases and this certainly changes the story entirely in terms of what we're looking at over the next few weeks if this is true? >> why is that? >> we are just going to live with uncertainty until 2013. if we have a smaller package and we kick the can down the road so to speak to 2013, we don't have any clarity. >> i'm saying that this morning we've got -- >> i see. >> we have this kind of plan. this is a 1990 playbook here. i know it's an old playbook. that was iraq/kuwait. every friday there was a short covering rally because there was a belief that over the weekend there would be some agreement. i'm not saying t
Nov 20, 2012 4:00am PST
) turkey's ready! turkey!? come on already! this is no ordinary thanksgiving. sears black friday doorbusters start 8pm thursday, going all night with more doorbusters 4am friday. this is sears. >>> one of the busiest emergency rooms in canada will remain closed for a few days after being flooded by a ruptured pipe. and this was no small leak, folks. water burst through a wall, in british columbia hospital on sunday. it was ankle-deep. patients were quickly moved to safety. some were sent to other hospitals. >>> and now, for a look at morning road conditions. you can expect flooded highways in washington, oregon and northern california. snow-covered passes could be treacherous in the cascades and olympic mountains. also, slick into idaho and montana. and the roads will be wet in south florida, as well. >> if you're flying today, like many of you may be, look for weather-related airport delays in two cities in the west, seattle and san francisco. >>> we have a major development in morning into the investigation of that massive explosion that leveled part of an indianapolis neighbor
Nov 7, 2012 9:00pm CST
announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. whatever it takes, get to sears veteran's day sale. get 50% off coats for the family. this 39 inch lcd tv for $279.99. and up to 50% off all mechanics tool sets. this is how to gift. this is sears. ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand a showdown on lakefront coming up. bimah charles stillman that may not be in the running for any honors next week his wife is due within their fourth child monday and if it comes one day early rich king has more. >> to meet this game is important for me but after what we went through with my other child to me football will always be second in my life. >> the offense is lagging behind right in the middle of a past and this season the offense is still a work in progress. we are eight or nine years behind those guys so it's not going to happen. every guy just to get a little bit be
Nov 10, 2012 9:30pm CST
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Nov 9, 2012 9:00pm CST
. era detergent. a lot of fight for a little dough. whatever it takes, get to sears veteran's day sale. get 50% off coats for the family. this 39 inch lcd tv for $279.99. and up to 50% off all mechanics tool sets. this is how to gift. this is sears. we got a real mom and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to see if it worked. take a deep breath tell me what you smell. something fresh. a beach. take your blindfolds off. oh! look at all this garbage! febreze car. eliminates odors for continuous freshness so you can breathe happy. have you tried this yet? save on febreze car and other innovative products at >> new york city is now rationing gasoline since thefor the first time since the fuel shortages of the 1970's, >> the best way we think to cut down and help customers get by faster is to help gas station stay open longer introduce the potential for disorder is to alternate th
Nov 17, 2012 11:45pm EST
-mart, sears, and toys "r" us will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. target will open at 9. best buy, sports authority, macy's, and kohl's will open at midnight. more stores opening at midnight. >> other places are doing it, you better do it or they won't have mean left when it comes time for your opening. >> i think it's a positive thing to do. >> reporter: some shoppers are thrilled. >> i think it's a good thing. then you don't have to wake up at 3 in the morning and wait in line in the freezing cold. >> reporter: others think it's a terrible idea. >> i think it's a shame. there are some special days out of the year. >> reporter: many want to save the holiday as a time to spend with family. >> you want to go shopping on thanksgiving or have turkey? >> i want to have turkey. >> reporter: an online petition on asked target to take the high road and save thanksgiving by not opening on that day. more than 170,000 people have signed. one person calling the early opening a tad evil to make people work that holiday. for many, people wanting one of the door buster prices -- [ in
Nov 16, 2012 9:00pm CST
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Nov 1, 2012 9:00pm CDT
. whatever it takes, get to sears "one day sale" this saturday with friday preview. coats for her just $19.99. all diehard work boots for $39.99. and up to 50% of all tool storage. this is how to gift. this is sears. . roker cops above the law these allegations were filed by a bunch of cover up officers. you say there were constantly harassed they should leave their jobs because their career in law enforcement was over, they claimed it was in retaliation. >> a couple of veteran undercover officers who claimed they did their jobs all too well and paid the price now they are suing clamming ongoing harassment from their fellow cops in supervisors widespread abuse of police power. we death threats from people of the highest level of the chicago police department. it's truly a despicable case their lawsuit names the city all the way up to the level of deputy chief the claim that while working undercover investigating allegations of corruption against other cops they founded, police directly involved in a drug train being paid to look the other way like in the well-publicized mahomet case a
Nov 26, 2012 1:00pm EST
are especially important for land's end. it is now end by sears. it's shipping season for land's end. brian schactman is live at company headquarters in dodgeville, wisconsin. brian? >> reporter: hey, tyler, it is shipping season and it is important, but really have to mention that it's also evolving. cyber monday of course is a catchy phrase but it is not wholly accurate. items being fulfilled and shipped behind me are orders from yesterday. 150,000 will go through here. tomorrow though is when we see the actual impact from cyber monday when that number jumps to well over 180,000. we can tell you, they've already told us they are tracking well ahead of last year. the website actually had an hour this morning where 24,000 orders were processed. that is a record. other interesting nuggets about today, here they'll monogram 1,200 items in an hour. and they'll hem 900 pairs of pants in the same amount of time. but cyber monday's actually part of a six-day thanksgiving strategy. every single day they have had virtual door busters. every day a different item, usually discounted. this fleece blan
Nov 21, 2012 1:00pm EST
stopwatch putting those in-store pick-up promises to the test. >> this year sears is making the five-minute pick-up promise. if you make a purchase online and drive to the store they'll have the item loaded in your car with a surprisingly short five-minute window. even on black friday. really? we put sears, best buy and walmart stores pickup to a race against the clock. of course ourunder cover cameras were rolling. our experiment starts online. at three major retailers. the purchase, an nintendo hand-held game console. first round, the clock starts the moment we click buy and stops when the console is ready for pickup. walmart sends us a ready for pick-up e-mail in 41 minutes. sears shoots us an e-mail for pick-up in just eight minutes. we never got an e-mail from best buy but when we checked the order status ourselves -- it said ready. that was 1:15 minutes later. clear winner in round one -- sears. now for round two, the actual store pick-up. the clock starts when we hanover the receipt and stops when we've got the console in hand. sears claims it can get you in and out fast prom
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm PST
black friday deals from sears. the retailer announced that customers can shop online for the store's door-buster black friday discounts starting november 18th! industry analysts say that will put sears first in line to offer black friday deals this year. walmart announced that it would get the discount shopping started just after thanksgiving dinner! doors will open at 6:00 pm at walmart stores on thanksgiving night. and it's not just start times which are competitive. of retailers jump as target, toys r us, and best buy have unveiled price-matching programs designed to bring the customers in early. >>> bad news for the warriors as their big man is forced to shut is down for a while at least. gary has details on that. and andrew luck leads the resurgent colts to their fourth straight win. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot w
Nov 15, 2012 4:30pm PST
are at their lowest level since june. after the closing bell, fellow retailer sears was in focus. the parent company of sears and k-mart did not lose as much money has feared. but sales at stores in the u.s. open for more than a year fell, and the company said it is dealing with inventory shortages in groceries and electronics. shares gained a fraction in the regular session, closing at $58.48 per share, but traded down to around $55 per share in extended hours trading. that is a drop of more than 5%. another retailer worth watching tomorrow may be the gap. after closing at $33.26 today, the stock rallied to $34.50 per share. earnings came in as expected but profit margins were up and sales at its north american stores were growing. dell computer is expecting the big shift in computing from traditional desktop computers to tablets and smart phones to continue. the shift is hitting its bottom line as profits have fallen for four consecutive quarters. third-quarter earnings per share were a penny less than estimates, showing another double-digit drop from a year ago. one of its major business lines, i
Nov 15, 2012 11:30am PST
-- the sears tower-- rises over downtown chicago. it is the trademark of this city's skyline and a symbol of urban america's vitality. but in 1992, sears fled its downtown home and moved 5,000 employees here-- 30 miles outside the city, into the cornfields. working farm communities surround the chicago area, but to many, this farmland is better suited for growing something other an corn. usses reca so tirmployees, ke mrgwn now they have what they've always wanted-- a house in the country. owarommu it's a rural community. it's just... it's a feel-good kind of place to live. come in this route and... narrator: just down the road, tim edmonds is building a whole new community for people like margot brown. soon his efforts will transform this farmland into corporate office parks, a golf course and 4,600 new homes. this is, indeed, an edge city. as you look at suburbanization of america and following transportation corridors, both north and south-- whatever the geographic area happens to be-- it is, uh, an example of that. people here are commuting within the 25-to-30-mile radius. um, u're not
Nov 9, 2012 5:00am PST
friday sears starting what used to be day after thanksgiving sales, five days early, sunday. the first deals are online for members only. sears opening sears and kmart stores on thanksgiving day with special deals with rival wal-mart. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >>> 5:57. next, rough weather hits bay area overnight and leaves a neighborhood in the dark. pg&e works now to get the lights back on. >>> hail hits the east bay. we've been talking about it in several communites. mike is ahead with what to expect. >>> the extra comfort an airline is >>> heavy rain moved into parts of the bay area overnight. live picture from the embarcadero some roads still wet, mike is ahead with what is ahead for your commute. >>> right now in the south bay hundreds waiting in line to get help for -- [ inaudible ]
Nov 10, 2012 6:00am PST
. >> so i called sears, and i said, listen, i wish you said something because i might not have bought this machine. >> richard said sometimes the machine handled small loads just fine. other times it stops. he just wishes he would have known the potential limitations. >> so i called 7 on your side. >> we contacted sears, which makes kenmore appliances. the company explains what happens with a front loaded washer. it said with small loads clothes tend to clump to one side and may cause the drum to bang against the cabinet in the spin cycle. the machine is designed to correct the imbalance by reversing the spin. if that doesn't work the machine stops and you get an error message. the solution? kenmore said add more clothes. richard is showing us what happened with that small load of socks. it shakes noisily during the spin cycle and slows down and this time it completes the load. sears wanted him to be happy with his washer. he said here, come down and pick out a new machine. >> he swapped it for this new special washer, with a special setting for small loads. >> i'm thrilled. hey, i li
Nov 10, 2012 7:00am EST
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Nov 9, 2012 4:00am PST
. >>> and more stores are trying to get you up from the table and into the mall. sears and walmart are opening up at 8:00 thanksgiving night to get a jump on black friday. and best buy, the biggest electronics chain is offering its earliest black friday sneak peek ever. the chain deals a 40-inch lcd tv for just 180 bucks. that is a good deal. that could be worth standing in line, getting up early. that's not bad at all. >> i prefer to go to the movies. let all that turkey just ruminate and everything. >>> coming up, punishment for some members of s.e.a.l. team six. the navy says they revealed classified secrets for a video game. >>> and college teams hitting the decks of a u.s. aircraft carrier. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. hd 8. get to sears veteran's day sale. get 50
Nov 10, 2012 8:00am PST
if he has a lot of it? >> i called sears, i said, listen, i wish it said something because i wo might not have bought the machine. >> sometimes the machine handled small loads just fine. other times it stopped. >> so i called "7 on your side." >> we contacted sears which makes kenmore appliances. they explained. it said with small loads, clothes tend to clump on one side and may cause clothes to bump on the spin cycle. if it doesn't work it stops and you get an error message. the solution, add more clothes. richard is showing us what happened. it smiax noisyly and then slows down and this time the machine completes the load. still he wanted him to be happy with his washer. >> come down and pick out a new machine. >> he swapped for this front load kenmore washer with a special setting for small loads. >> i'm thrilled. i like the new machine. >> so far richard says the new machines have done small loads without a problem. it's not just kenmore but other front loading washers can be more sensitive to unbalanced loads. i would like to thank sears to let richard swap out his washer. >> ter
Nov 11, 2012 4:00am PST
your pumpkin pie. walmart, sears and k-mart will open with door-busting deals at 8:00 p.m. this thanksgiving day. while best buy, massy and kohl's will open at midnight. while some shoppers are gain -- >> relaxing. instead of watching football we can be doing some shopping. >> reporter: others say, enough already >> americans are unique in the world because we celebrate thanksgiving day. >> but turning turkey day black has many store workers seeing red. >> i think everyone in america tend to want to celebrate. >> reporter: retailers are now asking their employees to save thanksgiving and stick with last year's opening time so they can have dinner with their families. holiday shopping is expected to jump more than 4% this year. and competition is fierce. >> we're really excited about the 8:00 start date. not only to be competitive but to beat our competitor's question. >> still, the savviest business tactics may be taking the high road. some stores, like nordstrom's win customers by not decking the halls early. many are wondering how far or how low can stores go? >> thank
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